Flojet GPM RV Macerator Pump


The Flojet GPM Macerator Pump is a unique unit designed and built by  professionals in the industry. This particular unit was created to eliminate waste effortlessly. Its features make it the top pick among many competing models in its category. 

We love the Flojet GPM rv macerator pump for many reasons. First, this pump system is both practical and efficient. It operates in under three minutes, dispelling up to 30 gallons of waste without any issues. This is an enormous waste pump system that is well suited for use in any RV park and camping site.

With this unit in your RV, your black and grey water disposal is taken care of and you have nothing to worry about. The best feature of this portable macerator pump is its dry run protection system. This is a system that stops your monitor from running when there’s no waste in your tank for emptying. This saves you more energy and protects your pump from damage.