Flojet Portable RV Waste Pump


The Flojet RV Waste Pump is a carefully designed unit well suited for recreational vehicles. This model is one of many products manufactured by the Flojet company, a leading manufacturer in the industry. We love that this unit is portable as it makes it the ideal unit for those who are still on the move. It is very straightforward to use; thus, you don’t require the skills of specialized personnel. 

The Flojet toilet pump empties all the black and grey holding tanks efficiently and clears up to 30 gallons of waste in under three minutes. Such speed and efficiency are tough to come by; thus; we recommend this unit for your vehicle. The Flojet pump has several advanced features when compared to other competing brands. For instance, this unit features a rating of 13 GPM, which is up to three times higher than that of rival products on the market. With this pump, you can pump your waste uphill or around the corners of your RV.