Fluke 115 Compact Digital Multimeter


It’s no “Fluke” that this is not the only product from this company to make our list. See what we did there? Clever, huh. Fluke are, terrible puns aside, a world-renowned company when it comes to producing high-end electrical testing equipment, including multimeters.

This is a true premium model that can measure a wide range of electrical impulses. Not only does it do that however, it does it with incredible accuracy, being a True RMS device. Check out the buying guide below to see what that means, but for now just know that True RMS is the keyword for unrivalled accuracy.

But here’s the thing with this model – it may be a bit too accurate. Or rather, it may be a bit too premium for what we’re looking for. It has a price tag of nearly 200 bucks, making it easily the second most expensive model to make our list – oh, and spoiler alert, the most expensive model is the other Fluke multimeter that we’ll get to later!

The fact is it also category III safety cleared also just tells us this may be a little to feature packed for it’s own good. This safety rating means it can be used on devices with up to 600 volts of power. For comparison, your car battery kicks out between 12 and 14 volts. Oh, but you do get a free case, so there’s a bit of value for money there.