Fluke 88V Automotive Multimeter


We finish up the list with this Fluke automotive multimeter, and we stepped straight from Bargainville with the last product into Big Bucks City with this one. Lets get this out the way first so we don’t waste your time, this is an expensive tool. We’re talking about 400 bucks. Yes. 400. Greenbacks. Go get yourself a glass of water then come back.

Fact is, this is the best automotive multimeter on the planet. But we can tell you right now it won’t be our top pick at the very bottom of this guide, because we know that most people won’t drop that kind of money on a multimeter. And that’s fine, but if you do then you are getting one heck of a tool here.

Obviously, it does everything that you would expect of such a premium tool. It measures volts, it measures resistance, it measures temperature, it measures everything you would expect. But it is the accuracy that’s amazing. When you are measuring on a DC system, your readings will be accurate to a margin of error of 0.1%.

That is incredible! If accuracy is important, if you want the best possible tool you can find then this is the one for you. For most people, we all know it is out of their reach financially. But we also know, if we could afford, this is the one we’d buy.