FORTEM Car Trunk Organizer


Look out Autoark, a new heavyweight contender has just stepped into the ring and my, doesn’t it mean business? Fortem’s FRTM-17-21-TO-V2 charges into the fray looking like the Fort Knox of car trunk organizers with reinforced base plates, side walls and dividers. Non-slip base pads and secure tie-down straps ensure that this titan of the automotive organizing game stays exactly where it’s put for years to come. As you’d expect with an organizer of this quality, the interior dividers are removable to allow you versatility in what you can store within its reinforced walls. Exterior mesh pockets serve to keep smaller items like phones, tablets, folders and maps right where you need them.

Like the Fortem RPL that we discussed above, the FRTM comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee promising you a replacement or all of your money back if you’re not completely satisfied with the product. With an organizer this well designed you’ll likely be replacing your car before looking to replace the FRTM.