FORTEM Seat Cushion and Lumbar Support


Maintaining good posture daily, whether you spend the majority of your time sitting through meetings, signing documents or driving, is essential. It is unfortunate that we do not give our posture much thought until we begin to develop aches, pain, and muscle-related illnesses. Sometimes, the realisation stage is a severe stage that cannot be reversed. Hope, however, is not lost, thanks to the Fortem Seat Cushion and Lumbar support.

This lumbar support cushion is one of the best with an ergonomic design. The design process ensures that all parts of your body are properly aligned, from your neck to your pelvis as well as your shoulders. Alignment is done in such a way that all these body parts are placed in their natural position to relieve you of all aches and pains.

The Fortem lumbar pillow is manufactured by a brand that seeks to provide users with only the best lumbar supports when it comes to sturdiness, comfort and design. This Fortem model stands out from all others, thanks to its contoured design that enables it to distribute your body weight evenly. For additional support, and also to help keep your coccyx stable and relaxed, this lumbar pillow offers supportive padding that is meant to conform to your body’s contours easily and quickly for instant results.

Some of its exciting features include two adjustable straps, a u-shaped design with a cut out for spine and tailbone relief, a washable and removable seat cover, and lightweight, easy-to-clean cushions.