FORTEM The Extra Mile Car Trunk Organizer For Suv Truck


Fortem comes strong to the car trunk organizer game with the excellently designed storage organizer. Gone are the days of having a ton of stuff sliding around all over the place in the back of your vehicle. The three large storage areas and smaller side pockets with lids give every item you need to carry a home, while its non-slip bottom prevents the unit from sliding around with your stuff in it.

The organizer ships nearly flat and can be assembled in seconds by folding out the durable walls and sliding the solid base plates into their housings. No more disorganized mess in your trunk! The three main storage boxes provide a home for useful items like antifreeze bottles, emergency tools, water, and groceries, while the smaller side pockets can house smaller items like cell phones and pill bottles. Fortem backs its product with a one-year warranty.