Forza 3 – Ultimate Platinum Hits -Xbox 360


We have reviewed into extensive detail the newest Forza racing game and its immediate predecessor, but the Forza 3 has and will always be one of the hit PC racing games in the history of the genre. With this game, every player gets to experience one of the most realistic racing displays to be made available. With over 400 of the most beloved cars on the planet to choose from and over a hundred renowned real-world tracks which include exotic road courses from around the earth, this is a game where dreams are given and made. 

In Forza 3, your breath is taken away by the advanced vehicle simulation and HD graphics. It also features adjustable skill levels together with a host of driving assists that make the game an addictive one for players of all ages and skill levels. Try your hands at this fantastic simulation game and have fun drifting and racing or simply trashing everyone in your way. Additional features possessed by this game include user-generated content and the Xbox LIVE for online playing communities.