Fox Racing Instinct Boots

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These are a top boot from Fox Racing, a company known for producing high-quality motocross gear. They come up to the mid shin and have four large buckles evenly spaced throughout the boot.

You’ll love that there’s no break-in period with these boots. They’re comfortable and ready to use right out of the box. The hinge design of the boot provides you with lateral support through the ankle. You’ll also experience better brake control and smoother shifting thanks to the low-ride chassis.

Key Features

  • Hinge and buckle system

  • Slim medial design

  • Low-ride chassis

  • Three color options: black, orange, and yellow

  • Brand

    Fox Racing

  • Model

    Fox Racing 2020 Instinct Boots

  • Weight

    8.9 pounds


No break-in required

Hinge provides lateral support

Better control of the rear brake


Straps break easily

Soles can unglue

Not enough Achilles tendon protection


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This entry from AXO is a quality boot. It’s tailored for comfort and has design points like extra-long instep panels. These panels help the boot fit a wider range of calf sizes, making this an ideal boot for anyone who has struggled with calf and lower leg discomfort in dirt bike boots.

The toe box is also a little bigger than average for extra comfort. A tapered vinyl and foam gaiter wrap at the boot top is useful for keeping dirt and dust out. A steel shank adds stability and comfort, and it is good to see the sole is attached via welted construction, a tried and tested construction method.