Frogg Toggs Women’s All Purpose Rain Suit


BMW is a name that has been synonymous with high-quality cars and bikes, and the company has one of the best rain suits around. This is an all-in-one, unisex motorcycle suit that is windtight and waterproof. The 100-percent nylon fabric is coated with polyurethane to make it completely waterproof, while the interior uses heat-resistant material and the pants have an anti-slip material. All in all, you’ll likely feel ready to take on the world once you’re suited up.

Coming in bright yellow, the suit also provides high visibility with reflective strips. There is also a breast pocket, which is perfect for when you need to quickly grab something without needing to disrobe or search through your bag. There are plenty of adjustable straps located around the body and elastic cuffs to keep the wind out of your sleeves and legs.

Of course, it’s lower on our list for a couple of reasons, and that’s due to its lack of breathability, which can make the suit uncomfortable after a long ride, and its cost. This is one of the pricier items on our list, and we feel that compared to its competition you’ll get better value for the money with some of the cheaper suits. Of course, if you prefer the style, the material, or the fit, this is a fantastic option.