Fuel Helmets SH- FF0016 Full Face Helmet


If you prefer half-helmets for their comfort and convenience but you still want maximum protection while riding, we highly encourage you to check out the Torc’s T55 half-helmet. This protective gear is lightweight, comfortable to wear and convenient to clean, as it features a completely removable inner padding. All of this doesn’t take away from the helmet’s safety, which is DOT approved and guaranteed to protect your head even in nasty crashes.

The helmet’s outer shell is made of Thermo Polymer Alloy and engineered to protect the wearer by minimizing the weight of the shell on one side and dispersing impact energy on another. Its inner comfort padding is not only removable and washable but made from anti-microbial technical fabric. It’s the same with the gear’s cheek pads which are completely removable.

The helmet has an integrated drop-down sun visor, which does a great job at protecting the rider’s eyes from harmful UV rays and blinding vision. Although there are no integrated electronics, the helmet comes with spots for headphones, which are quite handy.