Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter


Our top pick is an ideal pro scooter for the beginner rider that can step it up as your skill level increases. Made by scooter pros, Fuzion, the Pro X-3 is a smart-looking professional scooter that has the sleek lines and trickability to turn heads.

Lightweight and durable, the Pro X-3 is good to go from the box and with the quality spec as standard, is a blast to ride. The V-shaped handlebars are made from high tensile steel, while the deck is aircraft grade aluminum that’s concave shaped to give the Pro X-3 speed and durability. Add in noise-free brakes, 100mm PU wheels and a threadless headset and you pretty much have it all for a starter ride. The quality of the components is also impressive and will step it up into the trick zone when you are. At less than $75 you get a lot of pro scooter fun for your money.