G & F 15196L Seamless Work Gloves


Our next gloves have a very interesting twin material construction. The body of the gloves are made of Nylon, with a Nitrile coating added to the inner palm and fingers. This combination gives you a pretty good mixture of protection and high flexibility and dexterity. If you need a glove that allows you to perform smaller, intricate jobs then this could be the one.

On the other hand (pun intended) don’t expect these gloves to provide much protection from, for example, tools or from the weather. This is very much a summer glove, with no internal padding. That does mean they are more breathable than winter gloves though, and should help keep your hands dry even during prolonged wear.

Still, for a good price you are get 6 pairs of gloves per pack. We’re no rocket scientiests or mathematicians, but that’s a very good value for the money.