Garage Smart Jeep Hard Top Lifter


The Garage Smart Hardtop Lifter is a hardtop hoist that is designed for all jeep models and vehicles. This unit is powered by a patented group known as the MyLifter. This system makes operations more relaxed and also extend the lifespan of your elevator. The Jeep hardtop hoist is smartphone controlled; thus, you get to operate from anywhere within and without your garage. We can guarantee that this hoist is the best solution to keeping your hardtop. It comes with a weight sensing technology, engineering that ensures your safety.

The Garage Smart hard top hoist can be linked to both IOS and Android Bluetooth apps for wireless operations. The installation of this unit is simple and doesn’t demand a lot of information and energy. All required hardware is [provided by manufacturers, with the little steps clearly stated to facilitate smooth movement. The Garage elevator is the best tech-savvy product you can get for your Jeep, and it is also the most productive unit available for sale.