Gator Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Truck Bed Cover


It may not have the tough skin of an alligator, but this tonneau cover sure can give your precious cargo the kind of security it needs come rain or shine. Like all the top tonneau covers, this Gator-made trucker cap provides excellent truck bed protection, especially if you’re on the lookout for an easy-to-install, reliably sturdy, and easy to operate tri fold tonneau cover. There’s weather-sealing throughout the entire perimeter of the cap, including a nifty tailgate mechanism that will surely keep the elements out.

Providing additional security to your cargo is a tailgate lock that is surreptitiously built under the heavy-duty, rain-proof, snow-proof, and all-weather shell. And if you believe in the dependability of a Gator product, then this baby is definitely for you.