GearWrench Tap and Die Ratcheting Wrench Tool Set


GearWrench is back with its second entry on our list, although this one is slightly different from the other products we’ve looked at so far. What we have here is just a five-piece wrench set – there are no tap and die bits included.

That may seem a little strange, but it actually makes a lot of sense. The wrench that is part of full GearWrench kits is one of the best on the list. It is simple to use, has lovely wide handles, and even boasts rubber inserts to aid with grip. Now you can pick one up all by itself as a spare or a replacement for your own wrench.

It’s certainly not cheap and does in fact cost more than a number of full tap and die sets we’ve listed. It is, however, a premium tap wrench that, to us at least, makes a very strong case for justifying that price tag.