GEMPLER’S Rust Converter and Primer


If you ever need a multifunctional rust converter for your metal equipment, you should consider purchasing the Gempler Rust Converter and Primer. The best among several competing brands. This is the most sought after formulas in today’s market. The RCQ rust converter works as both an eliminator of rust and a primer for all your painting works. It can quickly restore your old investments into new objects of art and function whenever it is used. The Gempler rust converter is responsible for the stopping of rust in tools such as tanks, vehicles and any other objects made from steel and iron. It can also stop rust and prevent it from further spreading on the surface of your favorite machinery. 

The Gempler works just like any other car rust treatment. Once it’s applied, it reacts chemically with the rust on your metal’s surface, converting said rust into an inert, black protective barrier meant to keep both oxygen and moisture out. It acts as a highly effective primer once it’s been painted on and provides a great treated surface for repainting in under 48 hours of its application. To apply this formula, you only need a regular wire brush to do away with rust and debris, before the substance itself is applied. The Gempler rust converter is safe to use as its made from eco-friendly elements. It is an environmentally safe product that features a water-based formula which is also non-flammable.