General AltiMAX RT43 Radial Tire


If you have an SUV, truck or a regular car and you need to invest in an all-season tire that will take you across new lands and territories; you should significantly consider the General AltiMax RT43 Radial Tire. This is a standard tire design with many innovative features, put together for your satisfaction and comfort.

There’s no better tire collection than that designed by General. Their AltiMax is one of many exceptional brands in the market today. This car tire works throughout the year on all kinds of terrain. It is also the most affordable units you will ever come across in today’s market, according to users on car tire review platforms. These tires help you brake sharply, handle your vehicle tightly, and experience real comfort and safety at all times. These tires feature a contoured design what ensures that your vehicle has clean contact with the road surface to prevent wear. Another feature we love is the Visual Alignment feature, where clusters of sipes are spaced evenly on all tires. How wear occurs on each tire can help you identify alignment, both even and uneven with ease. You experience a quieter ride with the general altimax rt43 tires because they make use of the sound suppression technology system. For better comfort, look out for the twin tread design of this tire. This design features the use of twin cushion silica compounds.