Generic Car Wheel Dolly Set


First off, big props to Generic for coming up with just about the dullest company name we have ever come across here at Car Bibles. Seriously, how lazy is your marketing department, guys? However, aside from that we have a pretty decent set of lightweight dollies here.

Yes, we did say lightweight so please take note that this wheel dolly set has a total weight capacity of only 4000 lbs, split equally as 1000 lbs per dolly. Folks with larger cars should move on then, but if you own a compact you should stick around. All in all this is a pretty simple design but it does have a few premium features. The fact that the wheels are attached via ball bearing equipped castors is nice to see, and means you can move the car easily in every direction or angle.

They also look pretty nice, with a good metal construction and tough black paint job. Finally they have a very reasonable price tag of a little under 100 bucks. That is great value for a set of 4 dollies, and if you own a smaller car you should certainly consider saving yourself a few bucks and checking these bad boys out.