Genesis Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool


With its value price tag, the Genesis is a good multi-tool to have on charge for when those everyday DIY jobs come to call. Although it has a smaller motor than some others in this review, it can pack quite a powerful oscillating punch, up to 21,000 OPM say its makers. That’s more than enough for cutting through tough materials such as metal and hard wood while the multi-tool can also be used more precise or delicate jobs, although the speed is not variable, so there is limited control over the power. Operated by a simple on/off switch, it’s a case of just plug in, fit your chosen blade and off you go.

The Genesis multi-purpose oscillating tool comes with a selection of blade heads and sanding pads, including a super-small 30mm saw blade that’s great for those tight corners and spaces. It is a tad noisy but the vibration in your hand is pleasantly low and it also comes with an adapter so you can use accessories from other multi-tools.