Genie QuietLift Connect Smart Garage Door Opener


Chamberlain’s B730 promises quiet operation thanks to its use of a belt driven system over the noisy chains used to drive older garage door openers. Its built-in battery ensures that you’ll never be stuck inside or out during power outages while the included twin opener remotes mean you won’t have to choose who can open the door and who has to go without the ability to do so. In addition, Chamberlain’s wifi-enabled MyQ technology allows the user to control the garage door opener through their smartphone for added convenience.

The B730 also features a Timer-to-Close function which automatically closes the garage door after a period of 1, 5, or 10 minutes to ensure that your garage won’t be wide open all day long should you forget to close it for any reason. Additional MyQ hardware can even control the lights in your garage meaning you won’t have to fumble around for your house keys in the dark after a long day.