G&F Knit Rubber Latex Work Gloves


If you are looking for a glove that provides more of a tactile feel, along with outstanding grip, then this product from G&F could be the one for you. What they have done here is to create a glove whose body is made of tough cotton and rubber composite. On the inside of the glove, so the palms, fingers and thumbs, they have added a Latex layer.

This is designed to provide a glove that is really well designed for allowing you to work almost as if you aren’t wearing them. The cotton and rubber blend is nice and flexible, whist the latex provides a lot of grip.  The knit is also pretty thick, so you do get a certain degree of protection from sharp objects and the elements.

There’s no actual insulation or padding though so this protection is pretty minimal. They will however help keep your hands clean when working on the car, whilst allowing you the dexterity to easily complete most jobs. They also come in a pack of 12 and are a great value too.