Giantex Tool Box Tote Storage for Truck Pickup Bed


Affordable, spacey and convenient, this tool box by Giantex is a perfect solution for truck owners who prefer simple and old-school-looking tool boxes. With a basic rectangle design, large storage space and a lockable lid, this no-fuss box can keep all of your tools and gear safe and secure, no matter the weather. Although it’s not 100% water-tight, the lid wraps down on the sides of the box, keeping things safe from snow and rain.

The Giantex is made of heavy-duty aluminum, so it’s sturdy and durable, guaranteed to last a long time. It comes with two handles on each side, making it easy to carry around if necessary. Another plus is that it has a lock and comes with 2 keys so you can safely put away all your tools and expensive gear inside without worrying about those thieving eyes. All in all, it’s a solid budget tool box that can be used for trucks, pickups, RVs and even ATVs.