Glare Vis’r Trillium Worldwide GS-2014 Sun Visor


Morning commutes are bad enough without subjecting your dry eyes to harsh morning light. Glare Vis’r’s Sun Shield is an advocate for the eyes by offering you an entirely unobstructed view of the road while combatting harmful UVA and UVB rays at the same time. The visor can easily be flipped back if not required, but it’s particularly effective in the early morning and late afternoon when sun glare is at its peak.

Although looking through a film takes a little getting used to, the amber shade that Glare Vis’r’s Smoky Tiny sun shield turns the world into is rather calming. Also, the visor is extremely clear with little to no distortion. Plus, taking it off and moving it around couldn’t be simpler thanks to the trusty sure-grip clips that won’t budge when driving.