Goodyear Folding Bead Mountain Bike Tire


The folding bead on this Goodyear bike allows for some flexibility when it comes to fitting the width of your tire, which also means that there is a greater choice of air pressure required when cycling. For those who prefer a little easier climb with their mountain bike, these may be the best choice for you, since that added flexibility means you’ll have a better time finding your grip, if you’re still a little unsure of yourself.

A great little all-rounder, the Goodyear Folding Bead stands as one of the most popular options on the Amazon marketplace thanks to its ability to suit almost every need and every bike. The deep tread allows for added traction without slowing the rider down too much or requiring any excessive effort, and many customers mention that these tires are a great option for those who like to do a bit of everything with their bike.