Goplus 4 Piece Wheel Dolly Set


Are you getting Déjà vu, because we kind of are looking at this wheel dolly set from Goplus. They are very similar to the set we just looked at, to the point that it’s almost as if Goplus just forgot to paint these ones red!

Joking aside, that does mean that you are getting a high quality set of tools here, for exactly the same reasons as we went through with the set above. The fact it is a car wheel dolly set of 4 again is also great to see, as you are investing in a complete set.

Apart from lacking the red paint finish, the only real difference between these and the Red Hound Auto set above is in the price tag. Specifically, this set here is going to set you back about 100 bucks more. So yes, they are undoubtedly a very fine set of wheel dollies. But they are not that much better, if at all better really, than the set we looked at above. So we can’t really recommend splashing an extra 100 on a near identical set of dollies. Unless you have a spare 100 burning a hole in your wallet – in which case send it to us instead and we’ll throw it in the office beer fund.