Goplus Tire Rack


Save more space in your garage by mounting this Goplus Tire rack onto your wall. It is a foldable garage tire storage that can be placed against the wall when it’s not needed. To be able to effortlessly handle the weight of all your recreational tires, seasonal tires, and track wheels, the Goplus rack has been tested with loads of up to 300 pounds.

One of the dominant traits of this storage unit is its adjustable mounting width. It features four adjustable positions that can store all types of tires featuring different sizes, thanks to its storage width range of 30 to 48 inches.

The Goplus tire rack also features durable steel construction with the use of high strength steel tubing. This is accompanied by a durable silver powder-coated finish which has high levels of scratch and corrosion resistance. These traits in addition to the rack’s triangular design ensure that it exudes nothing but the best in terms of durability and function. For installation, it can take only about ten minutes, as all hardware has been including upon your purchase. You need to nail the bolts into the wall and voila! You have a tire rack. Lightweight in nature yet extremely sturdy, the Goplus tire rack is a unit you mustn’t hesitate to purchase.