Gorilla Automotive 61681N Wheel Locks


If you are looking for the ultimate in visual deterrents, this next product from COOCHER could fit the bill. It is very big and it is very yellow and any thief is going to be able to see it from a mile away!

If they do try to mess with it, they are going to find this wheel lock is as tough as it looks. Heavy-duty steel construction has been deployed here for a locking device that will be hard to shift. There are other nice features too, like a rubber tip added to the end of the clamp arms/disc. That will help to protect the alloys from scratch damage.

There are two negatives to this lock. The first is the price. Given the size and premium construction it should come as no surprise this is the most expensive lock on the list. The second downside is the sheer weight of the thing! 14 pounds is not to be underestimated, and you may resent lugging this out to lock your car every night.

Still, it is without question one of the toughest locks to make the list.