Gorilla Automotive Telescoping Power Wrench


If we were going to trust any mammal to build top-quality vehicular tools, it would probably be a gorilla. So we were pleased to come across this item, a telescoping lug wrench from Gorilla Automotive.

Again, this design is ideal for in-car storage. It is great to see this product shrink down to 14 inches, and it weighs less than three pounds. It really is nice and small. It has a double-sided socket design too, so you only have to find space to store two sockets.

At the same time, it boasts a tough construction of hardened steel and also extends to 21 inches. That is a level of toughness and length that should provide the strength and durability to tackle a range of nuts of various tightening levels. It is certainly not the cheapest lug wrench on the market – it is in fact one of the more expensive. But you get a very well-designed, very tough tool for your money.