Gorilla Grip Car Seat Bag


If you don’t want to spend too much on your car seat travel bag but still want a product that can do the job, then check out the Gorilla Grip Stroller bag. It looks simple, but don’t underestimate it. This convertible car seat travel bag transforms from a small pocket pack to a decent-sized bag that will fit most standard sized strollers and car seats.

You get all the essentials you need to get your car seat safely on to your flight. Made from a lightweight yet durable fabric, it should protect your car seat from most knocks and bumps as well as keep it dry and dirt free thanks to the tight, drawstring closure. Carry the Gorilla Grip as a rucksack or a hand carry; there’s enough easy use and versatility to get you and your car seat to the check in gate. This car seat cover for air travel is also machine washable and comes with a 10-year guarantee.