Gourmia Thermoelectric Mini Fridge


Come on, you didn’t think we’d finish this list without Coleman, did you? The Coleman electric cooler comes with some serious power for a fantastic price. It’s built like an actual mini fridge, but still operates with thermoelectric power. You’ll get an eight-foot power cable to stash this in the trunk, and run the cord under the seats to the 12V cigarette lighter adapter. Remove the shelf divider to turn this into a forty-four can capacity cooler for the beach.

Coleman also throws in a one-year warranty, because with thermoelectric coolers, manufacturer defects will show themselves immediately. There’s a wide temperature range, fairly quiet motor operation, and an insane value on the price. If you’re still not sure what you’re looking for in an electric car cooler, keep on reading the buying guide below to get a feel for what you shoujld be looking for.