Graco Magnum Airless Paint Sprayer


The Graco Magnum painter plus sprayer is also a great choice for DIY enthusiasts who are in search of an affordable and easy to use tool for their weekend hobbies and renovation projects. This handy design allows you to use up to 50 gallons per year to get things done around the house in a professional capacity. From giving your fence a fresh coat of paint to sprucing up your dining room, the Painter Plus has a reversible tip and features fully adjustable pressure for a flawless finish no matter the surface. The metal spray gun comes with a 25-foot hose so you can gain access to hard to reach surfaces and spray furniture from all angles without having to drag the container behind you. The high-pressure pump is also incredibly important and is essential for an even one pass coverage. The Graco airless paint sprayer has additional compartments that you can use to store the spray gun and its accessories.