Griot’s Garage 11049 Glass Cleaning Clay


There are contaminants all over the surface of your car, including the windows. This specially formulated glass cleaner is made of clay. It comes in a jar that secures tightly. The clay will clean your glass better than a liquid spray-on because it picks up the smallest contaminants. The 3.5 ounces of clay has a more dense formula than Griot’s Garage paint cleaning clay. This prevents it from sticking to the glass while you are working with it. It can effectively remove oil residues, overspray, and mineral deposits. An additional benefit is that with regular use, your wipers will last longer.
Unfortunately, you may find the blue dye in the clay leaching onto your hands. This can be unpleasant, but you can avoid it by wearing gloves during use. It also won’t remove hard water spots that are etched into the glass.