Grit Performance Super Duty Trunk Cargo Net×6-Super-Duty-Bungee-Cargo-Net-for-Truck.jpg


The Grit Performance Super Duty Bungee Cargo Net is a great option. With this bungee cargo net, you do not have to worry about the size of items you intend to secure as it is designed to hold both small and large cargo. The overall design of the cargo net features tight 4 inches by four-inch mesh squares that enable the bungee netting to ensure that small items do not fall out. The netting also has the adequate strength to stretch itself over large items as conveniently as possible. Users can rest assured that this is a durable and quality contraption. With 5mm of bungee webbing, it is one of the thickest cargo nets on the market. Based on this alone, it can easily hold a lot down even under the most tumultuous conditions.