GTE Tools LugStrong Universal Lug Wrench


Our next product is this four-way lug wrench from GTE Tools. A couple of notes right up front, though. First, this is certainly a premium product with the premium price tag to match. It is also a very well-designed little tool with a number of useful features.

The most useful has to be the fact that the tool collapses. It doesn’t go into itself like one of the extending versions, rather the central section unscrews and can be stored inside the other handle. You can keep it stored in its handy storage bag. It is still a pretty large tool at 26” long. But it’s easier to store then when in its assembled size.

It comes with the usual socket sizes plus a universal adaptor that you can attach to bits from a multi-tool. That is a very handy feature you don’t see on to many lug wrenches. As you would expect from this price point, the tool is well made of hardened steel so it has the toughness and durability to tackle a range of jobs.

It is going to put a dent in the bank balance for sure, but this premium tool certainly has the design features to justify the expenditure.