Guardian Dual Runner ATV Ramps


Does loading your ATV into your trailer always seem precarious if not unbelievably dangerous? Guardian’s Dual Runner Shed Ramps are your saving grace. Sold in pairs, each ramp is made from durable aluminum — ensuring that the pair are both lightweight and able to withstand 750.lbs of pressure on both axles. What’s more, loading and unloading will be even more secure thanks to the full-width attaching lip on both axles.

If you’ve often had problems with past axles concerning the width of the gaps of the rung surface, Guardian’s superior model features a serrated rung surface of 3.5” to accommodate smaller equipment. And if you wish for these ramps to be permanently mounted then the pre-drilled holes and the attaching lip will make this process a whole lot easier. Get with the hype and join the troop of buyers validating this product.