HailiCare Decompression Back Belt


It may look a little more surgical than some of the other products on our list of best back braces, but our Premium Pick is a clinical-style belt that is well worth the money. You get a 2-in-1 ‘decompression’ belt that provides traction-like support on your lumbar region as well as the option for some magneto therapy thanks to the two built-in magnets.

So, how does it work? Made from PU, it wraps substantially around your waist, using Velcro for a secure fit. Then with a hand pump you expand the small chambers in the belt to create the desired compression and support. The HailiCare has been designed for a range of lower back conditions and can provide relief for pinched nerves, sciatica and general lumbar strain caused by everyday work and play. It’s impressive, and it certainly looks the part. The main downsides are that it can restrict movement and cannot be immersed in water, so you need to take care when cleaning it.