Hallomall 15W Work Light


Portable, versatile and bright, the Hallomall work light is a great choice for workers, DIYers, campers and folks who are often in a  need of a convenient, lightweight work light. Not too small and not too big, this portable flood light offers the best of both worlds – it’s large and powerful enough to illuminate any dark area, but lightweight and compact enough to be carried around. Thanks to its sturdy little stand, it can also be put onto the ground or hanged wherever convenient.

The Hallomall has 2 blue and 2 red flashing LED lights plus 20 white LED lights, offering bright illumination for a variety of tasks. It’s also waterproof and adjustable – 360 degrees rotating spotlights make for a handy outdoor light, whether you’re camping, fishing or fixing your car. There are 2 built-in rechargeable lithium batteries with 2 USB ports, meaning you can use the unit as a battery charger for mobile device. Considering the flashing red and blue lights (and the unit’s low price!), this would make for an excellent addition to a survival kit.