Hammonds Biobor JF Diesel Fuel Biocide


Ford owners call this the best diesel fuel additive for their ride as it is specially formulated for Ford diesel engines. And if in case you don’t own a Ford, fret not as the PM-22 can also be used on other types of diesel engines so you can also enjoy its engine performance improvement and cetane boosting effects.

Fully compliant with the specifications for ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel, this diesel additive from Ford is designed specifically to let your engine roar and give it that oomph that it never had. It’s the diesel fuel treatment that greatly improves the quality and combustibility of ordinary diesel fuel to get your ride started with a simple turn of the ignition. Cranking your engine shouldn’t be a problem with the PM-22 in your fuel system. Of course, Ford has also thought about protecting every single component of your car’s fuel delivery system so you can expect this diesel treatment to be the best.