HARKEN Cargo Box Garage Storage Ceiling Hoist


Harken to all your storage needs by making use of the Harken Cargo Box Ceiling Joist. Among all the available products in the market, this unit stands out thanks to its exceptional features and construction elements. The Harken ceiling joists make use of the one-person operation system; thus, only a single user can operate it at a time. This ceiling joist has a four-point policy for better performance.

The Harken Box Garage hoist is made in the USA. This elevator comes with a maximum load of 60 lbs, while the ceiling height runs up to 10 inches for optimum performance. After the purchase, installation becomes a breeze because of the instructions inclusive. After the installation process, working with this four-point hoist kit is very simple and comfortable. Regardless of the weight distribution, this unit features a design that lowers and lifts all loads evenly for a better experience.