HARKEN Jeep Hardtop Hoist


Our first Harken Jeep Ceiling Hoist is the premier hoist in today’s market. This is our best choice unit, known for its durability and strength. Like many other Harken machines, this hardtop allows for a single operation; thus, the energy required is reduced. It is made from quality materials in America, and it has a 145 lbs maximum load. The ceiling height of this hoist reaches up to 10 inches, which is more than enough for all activities.

This Harken hoist system is straightforward to install. The package features a set of instructions that are clear and concise for the easy undertaking. After installation, use is very comfortable and second-nature. This is made possible despite the weight distribution of the unit. The patented design of this elevator lowers and lifts all loads evenly to prevent damage. Harken hoists are designed with self-locking cleats that grip as soon as the rope of your hardtop is released.