Harley-Davidson Women’s EDA-W


Everyone loves Harley-Davidson. We all acknowledge their effort in the making biking great again. They have provided for men and women the perfect pair of motorcycle boots, designed for ultimate comfort and exceptional functionality. The Harley-Davidson Women’s EDA-W boots are created for some of the best full grain leather materials. Their construction includes the industry’s best YKK locking zippers, a full-length sock lining system, and lightweight outsoles that allow you to move and ride without discomfort. The shoe is generally light in weight; thus, wearing it for long hours is very comfortable and easy to do. Every stitch and material choice allows for increased flexibility and excellent traction for better riding, standing, or walking.

As the brand will say, step into a legend by giving the EDA-W shoes a chance. These are womens biker boots with an edge and a lot of attitudes, designed to bring out the best in you as a rider. Enjoy a fatigue-free wearing experience every time you pick up your women’s EDA-W shoes for a ride.