Harley-Davidson Women’s Moto Boot


Finding the best women’s work boots in today’s market can be tough, with the various models available. That notwithstanding, we are confident that the Harley Davidson Women’s Work Boot will come through for all your riding needs. These womens black biker boots are designed with a durable welt and Goodyear rubber construction. They are created by staff who understand the need for both toughness and fashion. With such careful design, you can carry these boots anywhere you please and never feel out of place. These women’s work boots are made from beech wood, with a classic Harley Davidson footwear design. Every stitch and detail in these boots allow you to release your inner rebel while you ride after your ride and even when you’re not riding. Create an endless look book with these shoes, with each style representing a different side of you. The Harley Davidson brand focuses on incorporating their free spirit attitude into every item they produce, and this is done in many ways.

These women’s work boots feature the company’s famous logo and a beautiful banner that gives you the best advice ever; step into a legend. Wear your shoes anywhere you please and watch as you receive compliments from far and near.