Harley-Davidson Women’s Tegan Ankle Boot


The motorcycle industry is nothing without the Harley Davidson brand. This company possesses decades of design and manufacturing expertise, put together by competent staff to satisfy all customers. They have released the Harley Davidson Women’s Tegan Ankle boots an impressively designed pair of cycle boots for women. This product is a statement piece which states that you can show love for Harley Davidson without having their bike. These boots feature a combination of fashion and passion via their design. They are fully cushioned boots that offer long-lasting comfort for women all day long.

The Tegan womens motorcycle boots are light in weight and feature a rubber heel and outsole. The cement construction system is durable enough to withstand all pressures exerted when the shoe is in use. We love that the upper of these boots are designed with full-grain leather, with a detailed buckle and harness design. We recommend Tegan boots for all women who love comfort and style. Step into a legend with the world’s best brand. To identify the original version of the Harley Davidson brand, look out for their intense logo treatments and bold banner. Make use of these high boots to spice up your everyday wardrobe.