Hart Brakes Platinum Drilled Brake Rotor & Ceramic Pad Kit


Once again we have a complete kit that boasts a wide range of impressive features. It also has a price tag a little below some of the products from the premium end of the price range. So just what do you get?

There is a set of very nicely designed rotors that boast both drilled holes and slots. The kit also comes complete with a set of ceramic brake pads. It’s always great to see these in most kits, especially when they are bundled with brakes designed for everyday use.

The silver zinc finish to the rotor is also a nice design point, which will help to prolong product life span and stave off rust and corrosion. All in all, they may not quite boast the high-end styling or top-end build quality of the most premium models on the list – but they are very good examples that decent quality brake kits can still be picked up at the lower end of the price spectrum.