Heritage Performance Gloves Extreme Winter Gloves


This is a glove packed full of useful features, including one that is a tip to modernity. Lets look first at the more traditional features that you want to see on a good snowmobile glove first however.

Lets start with insulation, because that is that is the area winter gloves need to excel in if they are to stand up to Snowmobile use. 70grams of Thinsulate lining has been packed into each glove, a pretty respectable amount really. There is also a thick polar fleece liner built in, these being just 2 of the 4 total layers that stand between your delicate skin and the cold winter air.

The palm is reinforced, again something that is good to see on gloves to be used when riding a Snowmobile. There is a zipper closed hand warmer pocket, which is not something you see every day either. Oh, that tip to modernity we mentioned earlier? Turns out these gloves are touch screen friendly, meaning you can pull out your phone or other device and operate it without having to remove your glove first. If that doesn’t seem like a great design feature, then you’ve never got a phone call at -2 Celsius before.