Hi-Lift X-TREME Jack


Hi-Lift herald their X-Treme jack as their top-of-the-range option. Its all-cast design gives it market-leading strength and rigidity, while its unique gold zinc coating protects the jack from corrosion – clearly, this product is designed to last.

As well as being durable, Hi-Lift’s jack is versatile. Each one is accompanied by an attachment which can be used as a winch, clamp, or spreader, and includes 7/8 inch holes for secure shackle attachment and a 3/8 inch chain slot for secure winching. Whether you need to push, pull, winch, or clamp a vehicle, this light-weight yet sturdy option will stand you in good stead both on and off the trails. Capable of lifting up to three tons, customers report finding new uses for this handy jack every day – from getting a vehicle out of the mud, to repairing a porch! It’s also great for general use as an off road farm jack.