Hi-Spec Electric Die Grinder


The Hi-Spec Rotary Power tool stands tall when it comes to reliability, robustness, and durability. It can withstand constant pressure and excessive stress from continuous grinding. The Hi-Spec grinder is compatible with Dremel bits, and such versatility allows individuals to do as much cutting, grinding, and polishing as needed.

This electric die grinder comes with a set of 120 different accessories, which makes your work more enjoyable. Some of the items included are sanding drums, felt wheels, collets, wrenches, and diamond wheel points. All operations are controlled by an extensive motor system with speed control. The ability to adjust speeds enables the user to grind and polish to perfection, depending on the item they’re working with. With the Hi-Spec rotary tool, you’re guaranteed the perfect speed when sawing, cutting, grinding, and sanding.