HIPPIH Small Dog Car Seat


It’s only meant for the little ones, dogs under 11 pounds — who, let’s face it, may be more likely to be in regular car trips than our bigger four-legged friends — but HIPPIH’s waterproof, easily cleanable booster seat is beloved by owners for its versatility and value. With a frame supported by tough PVC bars to prevent collapsing, an anti-slip mat, and pockets to hold your dog’s gear, it doesn’t skimp on features for its low price, either.

To date, this seat has a 73 percent five-star rating across more than 1,700 reviews from happy owners. They say it’s great for keeping small breeds like chihuahuas in place during rides, feels sturdy overall, and elicits few complaints from the pooches themselves. Some owners did also complain of an unusual plastic smell, however.