Hit Air EU6 Ultimate Airbag Jacket


The EU6 Ultimate Airbag Jacket from Hit Air is another premium product that comes with its own unique features that serve their purpose no matter the season. The lining alone has water resistant qualities and is made of a mix of polyester and fleece, making it ideal for winter and rainy weather. It is also removable in case you need to shed those extra layers during summer. When it comes to safety, the EU6 is equipped with its very own shock buffering protection system. This system is triggered when a person loses his connection to his motorcycle due to an accident or collision. Once the distance between the rider and motorcycle surpasses the activation distance, carbon dioxide will automatically fill up the airbags and inflate them in less than 0.25 seconds.

Similar to the airbag vest, this jacket also reflects the light thanks to its Lumidex feature. Lightweight padding is also incorporated into the elbows, shoulders, and back. Finally, there is one more feature that was designed to keep our wallets, sunglasses, and lighters within reach. Pockets are essential in any jacket and this one has rear zippered vents in the torso, two large front pockets and a small chest pocket with a waterproof zipper.